Our mission is to eradicate energy poverty and minimize the damage of climate change by breaking down the barriers to solar energy access.

GoSol.org’s eco-system aims to connect communities, entrepreneurs & makers with the world’s most powerful energy source. All the tools and materials needed to implement GoSol.org’s technologies are already produced and stocked en masse around the world. The world is ready! So get involved and spread the word!

GoSol.org is an initiative of Solar Fire Concentration Ltd (SFCO), a social enterprise and inclusive business based in Tampere, Finland. We are achieving our goals through an innovative business model by creating an eco-system of individual product pre-orders, early-adopters, sponsors, and collaborations.


Arnaud Crétot


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Eerik Wissenz
Executive Chairman


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Eva Wissenz
Managing Director & CEO


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Jussi Laitinen
Communications and Partnerships


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Lorin Symington
Chief Builder,
Prototyping & Fieldwork


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Urs Riggenbach
Project Manager, Partnerships, IT


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Will Cleaver
Project Manager,
CAD, Construction Planning & Supervising


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During our adventures all around the world in the first years of our project, our team met so many great people, skilled and enthusiastic, ready to create another future in their country but lacking access to clean energy. Because of them we wanted to develop and spread solar concentrators, to provide a wide access to solar thermal energy. At GoSol.org, our core energy is solar... and love! Check out this short video presenting years of work and friendship.

The technology and the family of developers around the world has grown organically with the participation of over 100 people from 10 countries building 50+ concentrators.

If you prefer reading our story, then it’s here...

It all started in Canada with the Symington family, in the 1990’s. Inspired by the power of the sun, Fraser Symington set about developing a technology that would enable universal, grass roots energy access. With his grand-son Lorin, he proposed machines would have to be built with off-the-shelf materials available everywhere that are simple enough that artisans around the world would be able to build and maintain them.

In the year 1999 journalist Michael Sacco got wind of the story. He began collaborating with Fraser and Lorin and wrote about the technology. Invited by Gustavo Esteva at Universidad de la Tierra, in Mexico, Michael worked with family-scale farmers to adapt the solar technology to their needs by developing roasting applications for coffee and cacao. Lorin and Eerik Wissenz then joined the team. In 2005, Michael Sacco created the Chocosol Traders company, still working with people he met in Mexico. A portion of ChocoSol’s revenues flow back into sustainable technology development.

Then Eerik and Lorin decided to spread the technology to Cuba, a country devastated by politically induced energy scarcity, akin to a post-peak-oil environment. They successfully navigated the strange Cuban landscape, and eventually presented at the CIER 2006 conference in Havana. However, formal partnerships with Cuban organizations would have taken thousands of dollars and 2+ years of paperwork so Cuba was ruled out.

While in Cuba, they met Eva who encouraged them to continue their project and try to gain a foothold in Africa. Lorin went to Mali while Eerik and Eva created a non-profit association in South France organizing workshops, presentations, creating first DIY educational guides, and supporting and made builds around the world.

GoSol.org’s Constructions Around the Globe

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Between 2008 and 2012, a lot of R&D was performed in the field, mainly in India and Mexico, often with very few resources to prove the tech is really accessible for all. We were sourcing materials locally and we proved that the machines can provide steam for small industries. We had the opportunity to work with communities, develop new cookers and food dehydrators, steam production systems, and developed CAD models.

Attracted by the innovative approach and the powerful solution to energy access for the poorest, William Cleaver came from Open Source Ecology, and Urs Riggenbach joined the team after a solar project in Nepal, both in 2012. All together, we’ve created Solar Fire Concentration Ltd (SFCO), in Finland (EU) to structure our activities . After getting his Masters Degree in Thermal and Energy Engineering from PolyTech Nantes, France, Arnaud Crétot joined the team in 2015.


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