Project: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

With the logistic support of a small local NGO in Port-au-Prince, the goal was to train a local artisan to build the technology and then start a bakery business.

Local bakeries are rare in Haïti because of lack of wood due to extreme deforestation. In 10 days we trained locals and built the solar bakery at NGO Haiti Communitere. The Solar Bakery project aimed to demonstrate and establish these entrepreneurial activities in Haiti.

The bakery project was based on the Sol4 model (4 square meters of mirror) and could feed 30 people during lunch time and produce 15 kg of cake during the rest of the day.
Augmenting the Sol4 to 8 square meters doubles the production. combines cheap renewable energy access with value added production such as baking, cooking and food processing.

In Partnership with:

Past partner: Haiti Communitere
- Currently seeking new partner.

Locally built oven for solar baking.
Builder Mackenson during construction.
First pizzas baked in Haiti.
Baker Fabienne presenting solar cake.

Technology used

SOL4 Oven

The SOL4 Oven model has 4 square meters of mirrors that focus the light on an oven application, making it possible to bake.

More about the SOL4 Oven

SOL4 Cooktop

The SOL4 Cooktop model has 4 square meters of mirrors that focus the light on a cooktop for cooking, frying and boiling.

More about the SOL4 Cooktop


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