Project: Kenya

In Kenya GoSol is currently piloting its innovative solar technology in the Kisumu area and in the Kakuma refugees camp area.

The project started in 2016 when two GoSol SOL5 units were built locally and installed at local communities. Since then, our SOL5 Roaster is helping the Yier Ngima’s women’s cooperative to roast peanut, saving them money that before they spent on charcoal. Another SOL5 was installed at the Koptige Bakery, a local community owned business that was suffering from the unreliable and costly power supply.

In 2017, we were back in Kenya, following up with 9 additional SOL5 in the Kisumu region to pilot additional applications of our technology and empower more and more entrepreneurs.

Entering for the first time in a refugee camp hosting more than 150 000 inhabitants appeared to be a complex process requiring the cooperation of many actors. After our presentation at UNHCR compound, we have started the discussions to work more closely with refugees.

Sponsored by Wärtsilä corporation and in cooperation with World Vision Finland (Weconomy programme) and World Vision Kenya, this project enables solar entrepreneurship in high-impact areas where people are in dire need of a clean and affordable energy solution.

Mr Oywer from Wärstilä Kenya speaking at GoSol demonstration in Kisumu, Kenya on April 7th, 2017.
The new SOL5 Bakery Oven for the Tinderet community, installed in 2017.
The Misire community is receiving their SOL5 Oven, 2017.
Solar banana buns baked by the Misire community, 2017.
The SOL5 Bakery Oven for the Tinderet community, installed in 2017.
Training entrepreneurs in the workshop, Kenya, 2017.
David, baker at Koptigei Cooperative pulling out freshly baked bread from the SOL5 Oven, 2016.
Yier Ngima Women's cooperative roasting peanuts on the SOL5 Roaster, 2016.
Pouring the peanuts into the solar roaster, 2016.
Local artisans constructing solar concentrators, 2016.


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