Media Kit and Press Releases in Kenya with World Vision, February 2017

Project sponsor: Wärtsilä

Construction starting in Kenya.
Local artisan fabricating parts for the construction.
GoSol's chief builder Lorin Symington on-site.
A GoSol SOL5 Roaster unit is completed. builder Lorin Symington is instructing local helpers in Kenya.
Locals inspecting the SOL5 Oven at Yier Ngima cooperative, Kenya.
SOL5 Oven installed at Tinderet community, Kenya.
Operating the SOL5 Roaster unit installed at the Yier Ngima cooperative, Kenya. in Kenya with World Vision, May 2016

Happy Kenyan Baker, free from fossil fuels!
Happy and Empowered Peanut Butter Producer in Kenya.
Solar muffins in Kenya.
So much power only with mirrors and... sunlight!
Yier Ngima Women's cooperative roasting peanuts in Kenya.
Baker at Koptigei Cooperative pulling out freshly baked bread (Kenya).
Pouring peanuts into the solar roaster in Kenya.
Solar concentrators being built by local artisans in Kenya. Construction Guides

Sol1 Construction Guide Cover

Sol4 Construction Guide Cover Mirrors Solar Concentrator

Uses and Applications

Baking 300+ muffins in a day in South Africa.
Fabienne presenting pineapple cake in Haiti.

Media Contact

For additional media material and print-ready/high-res images, please contact
Urs Riggenbach.

Press Releases

22. June 2016

Solar breakthrough in Kenya with GoSol and World Vision

29. Sept 2015

Release of first free "Sol1" Construction Guide

06. Apr 2015

Free The Sun Campaign

06. Feb 2015

Light from the North

07. Jan 2015

Solar Bakery in Haiti