Project: New York City, USA

We want to feed New York City with solar cookies!!

After a successful partnership in 2015 with Grow NYC and SI Makerspace, we’re back in New York this year with a workshop where Lorin Symington will share with participants the basis of how to build and use this powerful solar oven.

The oven will be then given to GrowNYC, a great "hands-on non-profit". The oven will join the first cooker built last year for educational demonstrations. GrowNYC is a non-profit which improves New York City’s quality of life through environmental programs like the Governors Island Teaching Garden.

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Technology used

SOL5 Oven

The SOL5 Oven model has 5 square meters of mirrors that focus the light on an oven application, making it possible to bake.

More about the SOL5 Oven

SOL4 Cooktop

The SOL4 Cooktop model has 4 square meters of mirrors that focus the light on a cooktop for cooking, frying and boiling.

More about the SOL4 Cooktop


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