Project: Tanzania is starting 3 new pilots in Tanzania in cooperation with Global Resource Alliance (GRA). GRA operates in Tanzania’s Mara region, where solar thermal energy could play a key role in improving livelihoods of rural people. GRA’s mission is to facilitate innovative solutions and community development that fosters hope, joy and abundance among the people in the country’s Mara region, and with they are able to compliment their existing activities of organic agriculture, permaculture and reforestation by supporting the rural population in sustainable, income-generating activities with the technology.


The Pilot Projects:

- One group will use a newly developed solar dehydrator design to dry Tilapia fish. Currently, like so many entrepreneurs in Tanzania, they use firewood to do this. With GoSol they will be able to save the money they spend now on fuel and also produce a higher quality product.

- Another group is operating a bakery selling bread and cakes made from wheat and kassava flour. They use simple pots and charcoal for baking as they haven’t been able to invest in a proper oven yet.

- The third group is producing both dehydrated fish and baked goods like the groups above, but they also engage in roasting peanuts and baked sweet potatoes. Every month they spend about $400 in charcoal expenses, and we are keen to see what difference our Sol5 can make for this group.

One of the diverse groups supported by GRA in Tanzania.
Their current way to roast peanuts with Charcoal.
For baking they also use a charcoal-based method. Imagine what our Sol5 could do here.
The charcoal method limits capacity, but these breads get sold quickly!
Another group also engages in fish drying. This will be a new application for our Sol5!
Tasty roasted peanuts are sold through local shops.


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Global Resource Alliance - Tanzania

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