Project: Toronto, Canada

ChocoSol Traders is a social enterprise based in Canada, with strong roots in Mexico. Together, we have a project making solar roasted chocolate.

ChocoSol is famous among the chocoholics... Through horizontal, direct trade with smallholder producers in Oaxaca and organic bird sanctuary farmers in the Dominican Republic, they make delicious, nutritious whole food organic chocolate from scratch (watch the video bellow to see how they do it).

In 1999, Michael Sacco, founder of ChocoSol, went to the Lacandon Jungle, Chiapas, Mexico with a group of friends to work with farmers. Together, they prototyped the use of solar thermal energy for clean, smokeless solar roasting of cacao, coffee beans and peanuts.

This solar roaster based on 6 square meter machine (Sol6) can produce more than 50 kg of roasted cacao per day. With an upgraded roaster design, 88 kg output per day is feasible.

If possible in Summer 2017, we want to be ready to roast chocolate in Toronto, on ChocoSol’s rooftop
to show people it’s possible to get low-carbon and ethical chocolate and inspire entrepreneur everywhere to do the same, spreading understanding of solar machines and allowing everyone to adapt solar concentrators to their own needs.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your hands on some unique sustainable deliciousness.

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ChocoSol's delicious organic chocolates. © Chocosol Traders. Builder Lorin Symington, Chocosol founder Michael Sacco and team.


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Project Updates

Project Updates

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