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Content: Extended version of Direct Solar Economy Manifesto + case studies + SOL4 and SOL5 plans and instructions + Solar oven plans and instructions

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A Book That Can Change The World

Pre-order the first edition Direct Solar Economy book and support getting this sol-knowledge as clear and accessible as possible.

The First Edition will include:

Part 1 - Expanded version of Direct Solar Economy (read abridged version here)
Part 2 - Detailed Example Cases of Building in the Field
Part 3 - The Basic Principles of Solar Concentration and Why it’s Better than Everything Else
Part 4 - The Sol4 and Sol5 with Solar Oven Construction Manual and Technical Drawings (to help test and refine this part, become a member)

To start, the book will come in English and be translated to other languages.

Pre-order a SolBook for yourself, or send a copy to a friend,
a NGO or a Library.


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Though we cannot "guarantee" this plan will solve climate change, species extinction, and poverty — compared to blocking out the sun with sulfur particles, building 10 000 nuclear reactors, or reducing the population to all but 200 million people, there are essentially no ethical or global systemic risks to trying the GoSol plan of providing people affordable access to sunlight — our plan costs comparatively little to try, can virally replicate over the globe once a critical mass of people knowing how to built it is reached, reduces carbon emissions, smoke pollution, water born diseases, deforestation, and helps people build sustainable businesses all at the same time, and enables both an economic and political revolution.

Hands on Training

A book is a simple way to scale the knowledge of how to build the solar concentrators, but it is only one way. Training is another way and better for getting hands on experience.

So we also want to train institutions and organizations around the world that can then train many others (contact us if interested in in getting "trained to train"). Education is ultimately the best way to get this knowledge out there, especially to children upon who building the future ultimately rests.

If you would be interested in a training session on the GoSol.org technology, please enter your email and nearest city and we’ll organize one in your area when there’s enough participants.