Building the Direct Solar Economy

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Decentralize Power - Decentralize Energy

The world is in great trouble because of climate change.
By building a direct solar energy economy our goal is to empower people.
Download "Direct Solar Economy for the general design of the society we intend to build. It contains years of experiences and our inspiring vision of a global solar economy.

Recently, in Kenya with World Vision Finland and Weconomy, we have achieved key technical break-throughs in the build-time of the solar concentrator and core applications of baking, boiling and roasting.

It’s time to spread this technology with you and scale exponentially to everyone who wants to know. Pre-order the SolBook or join as pioneering builder member.

Get clean and sustainable energy. Re-inforce your local economy. Become more autonomous.

"Knowledge is power. Spreading the knowledge about how to empower people is revolution."

Spread the Light!

Spread the Knowledge

With our SolBook campaign we want to spread the know-how of solar entrepreneurship globally.

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Become a member and build for yourself. Get access to construction plans, forum and learn directly from the experts.


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