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Blog | BioSampo FREES

Thursday 22 May 2014 by Urs Riggenbach

Currently we’re building a training program specific to Solar Fire Technologies with our partner KSAO BioSampo as well as integrate the technology into existing renewable energy training programs.

In Finnish mythology, the "Sampo" is a legendary magical object — perhaps a world tree, astrolab or something else entirely — that everyone is looking for and brings good fortune to the one who finds it. Renewable Energy is the Sampo of modern times and we’re excited to continue the search with the BioSampo team.

Shaping Education for a Sustainable, Renewable Future

With KSAO BioSampo we gained an innovative ally for spreading renewable energy access in the developing world. Their FREES programme aims to teach practical knowledge on renewable energies and train educators in kickstarting the green economy in the global south.

Currently, the BioSampo campus features a wide variety of sustainable technologies including PV, wind, biogas generation, biofuel distilling and esterification, and pyrolysis for charcoal and electricity generation. GoSol is to install solar thermal capacity on their campus, and provide support during the development of their curriculum.

Today, education in bio-energy and environmental technology is received only on an academic level, and there is a lack of practical know-how and realization. The BioSampo Training and Research Centre aims to change that. At GoSol we believe that solar thermal technology plays a key role in enabling renewable energy access. We are excited about the collaboration with BioSampo and FREES, their Finnish Renewable Energy Export School programme.

Contact us for any questions on this training program.

Blog | Swiss Environment Award: Nominee

Sunday 27 April 2014 by Urs Riggenbach

This weekend Urs Riggenbach of the GoSol team will take part in the boot camp for all 24 nominees of the Swiss Environment Award in the Youth Innovation category.

The award recognizes “the most promising youth innovations for the reduction of global water consumption."

You might wonder what our recent developments with the solar fire have to do with reducing global water consumption. Fact is, that 70% of the world’s food is produced on family- and smallholder farms. Small farms are often more productive and sustainable in their use of land, energy and water resources.

By developing technology suitable at the small-scale, we are promoting a more sustainable way of producing, living and using resources.

But most of all, I am looking forward to an awesome opportunity to meet bright youth from all over Switzerland passionate to make the world a better place.

Blog | GoSol platform has Launched

Friday 11 April 2014 by Eerik Wissenz

The whole team is proud to launch the GoSol platform!

Between Finland, Switzerland, UK, and Canada it’s been a great collaborative effort needing 2000 cups of coffee, 50 meetings, 4000 emails, and tons of website code, lots of laughs and a crisis or 2 ... well at least it feels that way!

We’ll be improving and debugging over the coming days and launching our product offers. Don’t hesitate to contact us in the meantime. GoSol!

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