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Press Coverage

Wärtsilä Twentyfour7 Magazine

" sparks solar entrepreneurship in East Africa"

Inclusive Business Hub and Weconomy are a pioneering the inclusive business space.

Makali News

"Watanzania kunufaika na gosol; unaweza kuangalia picha na matukio yote katika semina hiyo"

The Citizen

"New solar tech now introduced"

CLEO 24 News

"Video na picha katika matukio tofauti:watanzania tumieni fursa zilizopo kuepuka uharibifu wa mistu"

Daily News

"New solar powered machines"

Daily Nation

"Solar concentrator takes fuel pressure off Kenya’s forests" Print + online.


"Solar project launched in Western Kenya"

"Finland firm targets west Kenya with solar power"


"Firm introduces new solar tech in Western Kenya"

Africa Business Communities

"New off grid energy technology promises job opportunities for rural Kenyans"


Finland’s launches in East Africa to provide clean energy & create wealth for SMEs in rural areas

Wärtsilä Corporation

Wärtsilä partners with Solar Fire Concentration to create business opportunities and provide clean energy to SME’s in rural Kenya.

Pure Eco India

"GoSol contributes to Kenya's solar economy"

Maailman Kuvalehti

"Maailma paremmaksi aurinkoenergialla"

Engenharia é

"Faça você mesmo painel solar para produzir energia limpa em casa"

Radio France Internationale

Radio show "C’est pas du vent" by RFI featuring Arnaud Crétot, CTO of


За допомогою сонячних концентраторів в Кенії печуть хліб і виготовляють арахісове масло


"GoSol: concentratori solari per cucinare nelle comunità povere"


"Proyecto solar recientemente realizado en Kenia"


"GoSol is building the direct solar economy with its solar concentrator"

Народный блоггер

"Солнечный концентратор"

Challenges News

"Le four solaire peut être une alternative pour les boulangeries."


"Aprende cómo hacer tus propios paneles solares térmicos"

The Greenest Post

"Aprenda a fazer seu próprio painel solar para produzir energia limpa em casa"

Pensador Anônimo

"...a organização GoSol surge com o objetivo de democratizar os painéis solares pelo mundo"

Razões Para Acreditar

"Organização ensina como construir seu próprio painel solar para democratizar energia limpa"


"Startup-yritys - köyhyyttä vastaan, bisneksen keinoin"


"GoSol releases first free solar concentrator construction guide"


Empresa ajuda pessoas a criarem seus próprios painéis solares


Conheça a empresa que ajuda pessoas a criar seus próprios painéis solares


Como criar os teus próprios painéis solares.


Conheça a empresa que ajuda pessoas a criar seus próprios painéis solares.

Fifth Element

"Самодельный солнечный концентратор из Финляндии"

CCTV Africa

"Social Entrepreneurs Create a Solar Cooker in South Africa" (Video)

Альтернативная энергетика

Самодельный солнечный концентратор

The Green Optimistic

"Anyone can Build this."

Pensamento Verde

"Empresa ensina pessoas a construírem seus próprios painéis solares"

Jetson Green

"Build Your Own Solar Power Concentrator"

Eco Inventos

"Como construir tu propio concentrador solar con la guía gratis de GoSol"

Green City

" Концентратор своими руками "

"GoSol: il solare a concentrazione fai-da-te che porta energia pulita alle popolazioni povere del mondo"

"Come costruire un forno solare: ecco la guida di GoSol"

Off Grid Quest

"Build your own solar concentrator at home with GoSol’s free DIY guide"

Green Life

"GoSol - солнечные печки для малого бизнеса"


"GoSol - солнечные печки для малого бизнеса"

Energy Fresh

"Создайте свой собственный солнечный концентратор"


"Создайте свой собственный солнечный концентратор для дома с бесплатным руководством от GoSol"

Energia Rinnovabili

"Forni solari, con la guida di GoSol lo costruisci da solo"


"GoSol випустили безкоштовну інструкцію по створенню сонячного концентратора"


"Build your own solar concentrator at home with GoSol’s free DIY guide"


"GoSol releases first free solar concentrator construction guide"

Sortir du nucléaire

Article on in the french magazine Sortir du nucléaire. "GoSol, l’entreprenariat solaire accessible aux plus pauvres."
Read it on our blog.


De l’énergie solaire en «do it yourself» pour les pays du sud.

Radio France Internationale

"C'est pas du vent", a radio program about the environment and solutions. Our CTO, Arnaud Crétot, presents the campaign and constructions guides.

United World College Mahindra

"To live the UWC mission of a sustainable future is challenging, but Urs Riggenbach from Switzerland is determined to change the way we use technology to help build a sustainable future." - Portrait of Urs Riggenbach and


"Solar thermal is limited firstly by the availability of sunlight, secondly by useable surface area upon which to place solar concentrators and lastly by the imagination." Interview with Lorin Symington.


"L'énergie solaire au service du développement."

Faites le plein d’avenir

"GoSol, une entreprise sociale basée en Finlande lance une campagne de financement participatif pour permettre à des artisans du monde entier de bénéficier gratuitement..."


"Il sole è un bene di tutti, approfittiamone per combattere declino ambientale e povertà nel mondo. Non si tratta di una visione naïve, ma di un traguardo fattibile."

Non Sprecare

"Forni solari, la campagna di crowdfunding “Free the sun” per un cambiamento globale" - The "Free the Sun" crodwfunding campaign for a global change.

Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

"to break the capital cost barriers to small scale use of solar concentration for household cooking, small commercial use,..."

18eLode - Il giornale degli universitari

A portrait of Elisabetta Gaglione of GoSol / Solar Fire, in Italian, and a section featuring the Free The Sun campaign.

Agence Ecofin

"GoSol à la rescousse des artisans africains pour l’exploitation des ressources solaires"

Terra Eco

"Du solaire pour booster l’artisanat du Sud" - Solar energy to boost artisanal activity in the Global South.


"Free the Sun: energia solare accessibile a tutti, in ogni parte del mondo" - Accessible solar energy to everyone everywhere in the world.

Energie Rinnovabili

"Ridurre l'Impatto del Cambiamento Climatico e le Barriere d'Accesso al Solare" - Reducing climate change and facilitating access to solar energy.

Solar Bakery: ad Haiti si fa il pane con il sole.

Il Prof. Echos

"Là dove l'energia del sole rende felici " - Where solar energy makes people happy.

UBLU Umweltberatung Luzern

"Sonnenenergie nutzen geht auch ohne Photovoltaik- oder Solaranlage. Aus Spiegeln lassen sich hocheffiziente, autark funktionierende Öfen bauen und wer hat nicht als Kind schon mal mit einer Lupe ein Feuer entfacht..."


GoSol campaign featured among Tesla battery, Solar Impulse airplane, low-cost LEDs and other great solutions.


"GoSol could be the key to no-cost solar heat around the world" - Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

BioEcoGeo - Cucinare col sole

"La missione di Solar Fire Concentration è rendere l’energia solare sostenibile accessibile a tutti, soprattutto alle piccole e medie industrie dei paesi 'emergenti'"


"Here's how solar concentrators could provide renewable cooking technologies for the developing world"

Featured by Tekes

Tekes is the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation.

PassWord Show, Radio Resonance

The Password radio program is the UK’s only regular-hour long foray into the world of science and technology and not only tells you about the latest developments in the area but what those technologies mean to you.


"[] aims to kick off a global wave of solar entrepreneurship with free construction guides for building high-powered solar concentrators with local materials"


SciDev.Net is the world’s leading source of reliable and authoritative news, views and analysis on information about science and technology for global development.


Company profile by the Finnish think tank Kalevi Sorsa Säätiö.

Voglio Vivere Cosi World - Energia solare termica per tutti

Rewieving our work in Haiti with the NGO Haiti Communitere last Winter.

BioEcoGeo Magazine

"Nel quinto anniversario del terribile terremoto ad Haiti, è sorta la prima “Solar Bakery” grazie ad una start up finlandese costituita da un team internazionale."

Staten Island Live SILIVE, NY

"Solar-powered cooker constructed on Staten Island graduates to Governors Island Teaching Garden"

Time Warner Cable News NY1

TV news outlet NY1 visited at the SI MakerSpace to see how makerspaces are helping to foster innovation.

Staten Island Maker Space

Portrait of team member Lorin Symington in the SI Makerspace, NY.

Solothurner Zeitung

Portrait of team member Urs Riggenbach in the Swiss Newspaper "Solothurner Zeitung"


A short portrait of Eerik and Eva WIssenz, co-founders of Solar Fire Concentration Oy.


"Cocina solar en Haití" Article about our first solar bakery in Haiti. January 2015.


"Una panadería solar en Haití" Article about our first solar bakery in Haiti.

Virtual Pro

"Panadería Solar Lanzado en Haití " Article about our first solar bakery in Haiti.

WIRED Haiti Rewired

Guest post by Loring Symington on our progress in Haiti on WIRED platform Haiti Rewired.


A documentary about energy solutions world-wide, including footage of the first steam production prototypes by Solar Fire in India (1:58', 3:30', 4;43' - French/English).


Fair access for all to clean energy is a strong tool to reduce conflicts and poverty. Article "Solar energy is non-violent" , in ANV issue 162.


"Let's make the solar revolution ourselves." Eerik Wissenz presenting energy crisis and solar solution at CoHabitat, Poland.

HEDON - Household Energy Network

Our Solar Concentrators for cooking developed with TinyTech India mentioned on Hedon Household Energy Network.

TV FRANCE 3 (coverage)

After a successfull campaign supported by Yann Arthus-Bertrand ("Home" movie), our team presented solar steam production. First time for Solar Fire technology with an application in Europe.


Repost from Kris De Decker, founder and writer at Low-tech Magazine, presenting "The bright future of solar powered factories" (see bellow).


Essay in French media by Eerik Wissenz presenting the energy problem.


Repost from Kris De Decker, founder and writer at Low-tech Magazine, presenting "The bright future of solar powered factories" (see bellow).


The whole story of Solar Fire project on 4 pages in one of the main French renewable-energy magazine, issue 50.


"The bright future of solar powered factories" Most of the energy we need is heat, which solar panels and wind turbines cannot produce efficiently. We need a renewable source of thermal energy.


Please note that Solar Fire is not part of the Global Village Construction Set


Full presentation of Solar Fire project on 3 pages in issue n° 27.


"Solar concentrator reducing use of conventional fuels in Rajkot."


"Solar Concentrator substitutes regular fuels in Rajkot."


Repost of "Solar concentrator reducing use of conventional fuels in Rajkot."


"Solar Fire to quench energy thirst at grassroots"

IBN Live

Engineers develop solar concentrator that can run small engine.


Repost of "Solar concentrator reducing use of conventional fuels in Rajkot".


"Energie nucléaire : cet impossible choix" an essay in French by Eerik Wissenz.


Article about Mr Desai from TinyTech, India, and Solar Fire.


Solar Fire work in Gujarat, India, mentioned in Issue n°24.


"L'énergie solaire, c'est super !" Enthusiastic article about Solar Fire in French media.

ARTE TV - Global Mag (coverage)

Report on French and German TV with Eerik Wissenz and Lorin Symington.


Solar Fire mentioned in issue n° 48 with example of teens building their own solar concentrators in South France.

ACTU+ MALI (coverage)

Video on the Helios oven in Bamako presented at the "Conférence Internationale sur l'Environnement" by Lorin Symington.


Article on early project between Lorin Symington, his grand-father Fraser Symington and Michael Sacco, founder of ChocoSol.


Solar Fire for solar food processing in Mexico published in 2007 by ISES.